Betsy Silverman

Recycled Paper Collage

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Spring 2017 Exhibit Location #24  Wheelchair Accessible

Artists 9  
379 Hammond St
Church of the Redeemer
Chestnut Hill
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Betsy Silverman

Betsy Silverman's works are artistic expressions recreated through fragmented photorealism. She references a photo that she has taken to create a collage. Her art is made entirely of recycled paper and adhesive. No other medium is added.

Betsy has a Master of Architecture degree and graduated from Rhode Island School of Design. Her work combines art with an architectural component. She began using paper in graduate school, creating structural works made entirely of paper. Eventually her interest evolved into creating works that were environmentally friendly and made entirely of recycled paper.

She is passionate about paper's tactile quality, physicality and limitless opportunity for new and intuitive creations. In addition, the medium, recycled magazines, allows the opportunity to produce green art.

She is especially drawn to the challenge of transforming the printed image into a new image while preserving bits and pieces of the memory of the paper's former representation. Each magazine cut is selected for hue, value, saturation and content (both imagery and text) to provide context to the subject. Her work focuses on representing the beauty of New England with an emphasis on Boston.

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