Lincoln Park Studio / Mary Lou Eshelman

Pottery, Glass, and Glass Jewelry

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Spring 2017 Exhibit Location #3

37 Shaw St.
West Newton

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I have always loved the look of pottery and glass items and for many years have collected beautiful items to use in my own home. After many years as a social worker in international adoption and humanitarian aid I decided to become a full-time potter and glass artist and find this very fulfilling.

My work is functional--mugs, bowls of all sizes, casseroles, plates, soap dishes, spoon rests, sponge holders, covered jars, and many other types of useful pieces.

The idea that people will buy my work and use it in their everyday lives is very compelling. The outdoors is very much a part of my work and much of my pottery has shades of blue, green, white, and brown, reflecting the colors of nature. I love combining glazes on the insides of my bowls so that they change color and make interesting designs.

For my glass work, I have been inspired by quilts that are, of course, made of cloth. However, making plates, bowls, coasters, and pendants in quilt designs fascinates me and I'm always looking for new ideas and patterns for them.

I love to explain my work to others and since my studio and gallery are in my home, I often have the chance to both show people my work and explain how it is made.

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