Leetal Platt

Fashion : Couture, RTW, and Accessories

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Spring 2019 Exhibit Location #13  Wheelchair Accessible

Newton City Hall  
1000 Commonwealth Ave
Newton Centre
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"Bougainvillea: Revisited" (2019) takes inspiration from the Bougainvillea plant, a climbing, vinelike climber with bright fuschia petals, to tell a story about overgrowth, overwhelm, and triumph over manmade structure. Pieces began as blank, white, 100% supima cotton fabrics and color and textile techniques were applied uniquely to each design by Leetal herself.

Exploring further themes and techniques that Leetal experimented with in "Bougainvillea" (2015), a collection initially made for the Supima Design Competition for New York Fashion Week that by freak accident disappeared during a shipment, Bougainvillea: Revisited rebirths the collection in two ways: in sending the artist through the same punishing practice of the original, and in addressing her growth and evolution as a designer.

Exclusively designed separates and accessories are presented in conjunction with the couture pieces.

Leetal Platt is a Newton raised filmmaker-turned-fashion designer. After design studies in Los Angeles, Paris, and Rome, she returned home to began experimenting with fashion collections as combinations of art expression and practical entrepreneurship. In recent years she has approached the Leetal Platt brand with patience and deliberation, releasing one season-less collection a year that satisfies both the ready-to-wear customer and the aspirational follower by including both production-ready and couture-made pieces in the same show. Her work is recognizable by its “hard elegance,” a timeless look that straddles futurism and romanticism.

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