Sara Dickman

Mono prints on paper. Abstract paintings

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Spring 2019 Exhibit Location #11

Evelyn Road Studio  
170 Evelyn Rd
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Art is my lifeline, especially at this time in my life. The options for creativity embolden me and enrich both the minutia and the grand. Of late, I have begun working on paper, using a printing press in the Shepherd & Maudsleigh Studio in West Newton. As I impress abstract images deeply into soft cotton paper, color, line, and shape work together in a new way. The addition of “shincole”, ie collage, allows me to add and enrich my initial images.
I prefer to work with mono-prints as they are similar to painting in their spontaneity and uniqueness. I am exploring this new experience as I explore each day, working smaller now than I used to in my paintings. Perhaps it’s the crystallizing of the art process ..,,,,, mirroring life itself?

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