Sarah Kahn

Mixed-media Collage

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Abstracted imagery reverberates and charges my creativity. The irregular lines of a sidewalk grate, with snow clinging to random slats, a section of forest trees, leaning, in unpredictable rows...

I begin my pieces by creating an interesting ground, a first layer. I then respond to it, and continue with each consecutive layer, painting with acrylic, and using acrylic medium to adhere and seal each layer to the next. I collage prints, drawings, and textured passages as the steps of layering increase in depth and intricacy.

I am drawn to non-representational imagery, because it endows the viewer with the freedom to associate and find sensory response. Amidst passages of color and texture, one is invited to pull from internal imagery and personal experience. I often create representational images, incorporating them into my pieces, but often, find myself collaging, and painting abstracted passages once again.
Non-representational images have deep power to pull us inward, to recall important memories and experiences we may have hidden away.


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